Let the Buyer Beware!

There are a few sellers on Ebay and other auction sites selling copies of the Xtend and Climb even being so bold as to call their ladders Xtend and Climb (one guy is using Xtend and Climb photos but cannot describe the packaging when asked) and they are up to Euro 100 cheaper. While this sounds like a good deal in actual fact it’s not a good deal. The quality is not good and they have yet to get their product correct.

We are watching this copy marketplace carefully and we will be one of the first companies to buy these copy ladders when the product becomes fit for purpose. In the past we have had our fingers and wallet pinched by poor quality telescopic ladders. But we live in hope of being able to buy this product when and if it becomes a quality copy, just not yet. Let the buyer beware, do your research before you buy. If you are in Ireland buy from us, we stock the Xtend and Climb and Telesteps range. Unfortunately we don’t stock the cheap copies – Yet!