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Ladder Stand Off

Robust aluminium device with a span of 900mm that holds the ladder 350mm clear of any wall, making access to guttering and window maintenance much easier. Fits any ladder and the V bow will allows to span downpipes too.

Material: Aluminium
Usage Type: Commercial




  • Doubles as tool tray and stand off
  • Quick to fit, no tools needed
  • Vertical clearance of 0.58m

Material: Reinforced plastic
Usage Type: Commercial
Weight : 2.6(kg) / 5.72(lb)
Width : 0.80(m) / 2.62(ft)



Roof Hook Kit

  • Secures the ladder safely on the roof
  • Fits any ladder
  • Easy to fit, no tools needed

Easy roof-ride action. Strong 14-gauge aluminium complete with large wheels and fittings. Clamps to the top of the ladder and transforms the extension ladder for use on the roof. Click here for more details about this product and for a high resolution picture.

Material: Aluminium
Usage Type: Commercial
Warranty: 1 year




  • Unique patented design
  • Fits any ladder
  • Provides stability & clearance
  • Ideal for accessing roofs

Very rigid and robust but really lightweight - only 1.8kg.
This product is made of aluminium alloy and simply hooks over two ladder rungs and is retained with two spring clips - fitted in just a few seconds. The remarkable "D-Wheels" are a standard fitting for safety and ease of extending. Ladders are instantly secured at the top before climbing up.

Microlite can be fitted so that the ladder projects several rungs above a windowsill, giving a secure handhold and avoiding stretching or climbing too far up the ladder. Fits all popular ladders, timber or aluminium, except window cleaners' pointed top ladders.

Extension ladders can be closed down completely without removing the Microlite.

Material: Aluminium
Usage Type: Industrial
Warranty: 1
Weight : 1.8(kg) / 3.96(lb)



Lighting Collar

  • Quick fitting - Takes only a minute or so
  • Fits any ladder

Secures the top of a ladder to lighting columns or masts before climbing up. Unique Double Fork - Unlike ordinary centering devices, the upper and lower forks counter each other and virtually eliminate twisting on columns.

Self-adjusting - The pivoting action keeps both forks firmly on a lighting column as it moves under load. Highly effective regardless of the ladder's angle, the column diameter or the column profile. Fits all ladders of all popular makes and sizes.

Material: Aluminium
Usage Type: Commercial
Warranty: 1 year




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