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House fires generally follow the same format; you awake coughing in a smoke filled room. What was once a familiar space has changed completely. Your sense of direction is disrupted and there is little or no visibility. You are unable to locate the bedroom door. You are immediately overcome with a sense of panic both for your own safety and particularly for the safety of your children. What happens next can save your life and that of your children. Today, make a fire escape plan for your home. Ensure everyone knows the correct thing to do in the event of a fire. Ensure everyone has a means of escape in the event of fire.

Buy a Fire Escape Ladder – NOW!


Rope Fire Escape Ladder

This fire escape ladder is permanently fitted below a window ready for quick deployment. This ladder type is suitable for commercial and domestic applications. When the fire escape ladder is not in use it is housed in a small neat box located under the window sill. Alternately the fire escape ladder can be mounted at ground level i.e. below a radiator. To deploy this ladder simply pull the cover towards you and throw it out the window, the weight of the cover will pull the ladder from its box and deploy it to its full length. The ladder can be deployed by children with ease. The fire escape ladder is completely flame retardant and comes in a bright florescent colour. The rungs have standoffs to keep the ladder away from the wall. The ladders come with an optional sticker to display the instructions on the box if required.


  • Duty Rating: 545kg (1200 lbs)
  • Length: Available in 4 lengths:
    14 ft for two story buildings
    21 ft for three story buildings
    27 ft Dormer or Velux two story
    28 ft for four story buildings
  • Window Type: Standard and Dormer/Velux windows
  • Material: Fire Retardant Rope
  • Warranty: 10 year limited
  • Usage Type: Domestic and Commercial
  • Features: Wall standoffs are fitted as standard
  • Dimensions Stored: 12" long (300mm), height 5" (125mm), depth 3" (75mm).
  • Supplied with separate sticker to display the instructions if required


Chain Fire Escape Ladder


A sturdy Fire Escape Ladder manufactured in steel chain which is suitable for standard windows and also suitable for Dormer and Velux type windows. This escape ladder is designed for quick tangle free deployment and comes in a cardboard box fitted with a carrying handle. The ladder is fitted with wall standoffs (important feature) which ensure that the ladder is not flush with wall and that children will be able to climb this fire escape ladder with ease. Available in various sizes making these escape ladders suitable for second or three story fire escapes. Click here for more details about this product and for 10 high resolution pictures.


  • Duty Rating : 450(kg) / 990(lb)
  • Length : Available in 3 lengths and 3 hook sizes
    15 ft for two story buildings
    25 ft for three story buildings
    45 ft for four/five story buildings
  • Window Type: Standard, Velux and Dormer
  • Material: Steel chain
  • Warranty: Lifetime limited
  • Usage Type: Domestic
  • Features: Wall standoffs are fitted as standard.
  • Sections: 1
  • Dimensions Stored: 15x 41 x 72 cm 17kg (largest size).


Webbing Fire Escape Ladder

This easy to deploy fire escape ladder is lightweight and comes ready to use. Simply hook over the window sill, undo the retaining Velcro strap and the ladder falls to the ground ready for use. For storage the ladder will fit under most beds. This fire escape ladder is manufactured from durable and flame retardant materials. Kidde recommend that all members of the household are familiar with how the ladder attaches to the window ledge but does not recommend that the ladder be fully unfurled.


  • Duty Rating: 450kg (992lb)
  • Length : Available in 2 lengths
    13 ft for two story buildings
    25 ft for three story buildings
  • Window Type: Standard windows
  • Material: aluminium with a fire resistant webbing
  • Warranty: 5 year limited warranty
  • Usage Type: Domestic.
  • Features: Wall standoffs are fitted as standard.
  • Dimensions Stored: DxWxH 13ft: 150x210x420mm and 25ft: 160x310x440mm
  • Not suitable for walls over 11 inches thick
Kidde Escape Ladder Manual



Fire Escape Plan

Fire Safety Booklet

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