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Trade Swingback Stepladder and
Trade Platform Stepladder


Certified to BS2037 Class 1.
Unique strengthening beam incorporated into non-slip treads.
Rubber feet and aluminium side arms prevents slips and twists as there are no tapes or flimsy arms to break.
Lightweight and easy to carry.
Ideal for light trade use.

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Heavy Duty Industrial Swingback Stepladder and
Heavy Duty Industrial Platform Stepladder


Certified to BS2037 Class 1.
A wide range of stepladders designed for general trade pr industrial use.
Double riveted with 'K' straps for additional strength and stability.
Non-slip treads and rubber feet also keep steps stable.
Robust working platform.
Now manufactured with box section back legs for extra strength and stability.

Added to the above we offer a delivery service to any part of Ireland.
We also carry the only spare you will need – the rubber feet are in stock. Phone now !

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Once you buy one of our products there are a number of other products you might want to look at - stoppers, stand-offs, stabilizers of all sorts. These items prevent ladder slip and twist and make the product safer in use.




Trade Stepladder Sizes

Heavy Duty Industrial Stepladder Sizes
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